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Customizable drift boats and trailers within reasonable prices

Driftwood Boats is a locally owned company. Adrian Wood founded the company after working over 20 years as a metal fabricator. Coming with a history of working for some of the local shops as well as managing some, he has made it a point to deliver exceptional customer service! He has combined his experience and fabrication knowledge to develop his first drift boat that has led to Driftwood Boats creation. With being able to hear what a customer wants and understanding what they are looking for,

Driftwood Boats has the ability and dedication to customize aluminum drift boats and trailers, as well as ensuring that the quality of the build is as best as possible, to meet our customers requests. The prices are the most reasonable and affordable around! Driftwood Boats would like to make it possible for the avid fishers to obtain a drift boat that fits their needs, and drifts as smoothly as possible in all waters explored.


"Great afternoon on the river! Fly fishing and throwing spinners with Ryan Mitchell in his brand new custom boat, built by Driftwood Boats. It was very comfortable walking around in a 18'×60" open boat with level floors. Cannot wait to bonk a few springers in it this weekend!"

Andy Fielder, Junction City, Oregon

"Thank you Adrian, for building me this custom trailer for my drift boat, I can't wait to put this to work. If you've ever thought about buying a new trailer, I suggest you contact Driftwood Boats, and have one custom built for your needs."

Dana Peters, Southern Oregon

“I cannot thank Adrian enough for such an amazing boat and customer service! I have rowed almost every brand out there and this is the best rowing boat I've ever ran!.”

Woodrow Call, McMinnville, Oregon