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"I don't think I would want to order a boat from anyone other than Adrian. The willingness to set it up the way I wanted was great. The amount of communication throughout the process couldn't have been better. I called and text him a lot and he never got annoyed by it.

The boat itself turned out great. Couldn't be happier. The ability to move the seat bases around or to just run one in the center is nice. I wanted a boat that was clean and uncluttered inside for freedom of movement. Thank you Adrian"

Desmon Caldwell, Dallas, Oregon

"Spent the weekend on the river in my new Driftwood drift boat, I must say the 18x60 boat drafts better than any boat I've ever been in. It was real windy and it tracked straight down the river with the oars set, which means more time fishing and less time rowing! This boat is so easy to row, floats like a feather. Adrian was great to deal with, answered all my questions (alot of questions) and set it up the way I wanted it. The boat is simply amazing! Thanks for all your hard work! Tight lines ?"

Brad Barley, Oregon

"We've had our 18x60 now for about a month and there is no better drift boat for the money. We've fished it on lakes and rivers, big and small and it's handled each way beyond my expectations. Adrian's willingness to build a quality boat to your specifications is just awesome and we look forward to fishing out of our boat for years to come. If your considering a drift boat, I highly recommend Driftwood Boats"

Chad Koepfle, Saint Hellens, Oregon