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Power Sled Boats

Looking for a high-performance boat that can tackle any condition on the water? Look no further than our aluminum power sled boats at Driftwood Boats! These boats are expertly crafted with the finest materials to ensure durability, stability, and speed on the open water. With their flat bottom, or V-hull design and high-performance outboard motors, our aluminum power sled boats are built to handle even the roughest water conditions with ease. Whether you're planning a day of water sports, offshore fishing, or just cruising with friends and family, our power sled boats deliver the power and performance you need to have an unforgettable day on the water. So why settle for anything less than the best at a fair price?

All Sleds come with Paint inside, custom wrap outside, full-length transom splash tray, front storage, fish box, transducer brackets, 8" cowling with gunnel guard, seats with seat boxes, above or in-floor gas tank, and aluminum trailer.

  • If you are interested in another size, we ask that you please indicate that in the comment/question section below or give us a call.
  • Select the design of your hull. If 'Other', indicate in the comments below, and we'll email you a quote.
  • Options will be discussed, depending on customer preferences