DRIFTWOOD BOATS- Customizable drift boats and trailers within reasonable prices


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Customizable Aluminum boats and trailers within reasonable prices

Built to Order

Driftwood Boats is a locally owned company founded by Adrian Wood.

Adrian has more than 20 plus years' experience in the custom boat building industry. Over the past few years, he continues to expand his sales and services to include affordable custom aluminum drift boats, power drifters, and trailers.

Driftwood Boats prides its business based on superior customer service with exceptional reviews. We are honored to be able to donate our time and skills to build boats for the local Youth Football and cheer organization to auction off to help them raise money to keep their sports growing.

Each boat is a special order and locally built to meet the customer's fishing and sport needs, offering a variety of custom options at very affordable price.

100% hand built with all local materials.

We support USA jobs.


"Great afternoon on the river! Fly fishing and throwing spinners with Ryan Mitchell in his brand new custom boat, built by Driftwood Boats. It was very comfortable walking around in a 18'×60" open boat with level floors. Cannot wait to bonk a few springers in it this weekend!"

Andy Fielder, Junction City, Oregon

"Thank you Adrian, for building me this custom trailer for my drift boat, I can't wait to put this to work. If you've ever thought about buying a new trailer, I suggest you contact Driftwood Boats, and have one custom built for your needs."

Dana Peters, Southern Oregon

“I cannot thank Adrian enough for such an amazing boat and customer service! I have rowed almost every brand out there and this is the best rowing boat I've ever ran!.”

Woodrow Call, McMinnville, Oregon